February PPEs

Monday 16th January
Our final round of mock exams are around the corner with just 12 Academy weeks until GCSEs start in early May. To support our students and provide them with the best chances of success we have timetabled additional preparation sessions before exams take place, these are highlighted blue in the

Pathways: University vs Apprenticeships

Tuesday 6th December
As we approach Christmas it’s traditionally a time of year when a number of students are considering their Post 16 pathway. A range of pathways are open to students, from vocational qualifications to A Levels to Apprenticeships. Hearing from others who have been where our students are today helps them

Post-16 Application Options

Tuesday 8th November
Bristol Cathedral Choir School (BCCS) and St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School (SMRTS) sixth form applications have opened.   BCCS admission policy: https://bccs.bristol.sch.uk/admissions/sixth-form-admission/ Application: https://bccs.applicaa.com/year12   SMRTS admission policy: https://www.smrt.bristol.sch.uk/index.php/sixth-form/applying-to-us Application:  https://smrt.applicaa.com/year12   Please note that both of the above sixth forms have a short window of opportunity, therefore if

Aspire Webinar Series

Monday 7th November
Aspire by UpReach is an organisation that celebrates young people’s achievements. Aspire aims to inspire young people to think about their future and work to realise their potential.  Aspire has created a Webinar

CLF Post 16 Applications

Monday 7th November
Applications are now open for September 2023 Admissions.  To read more, click: Admissions Open

Revision Guide Catalogue

Wednesday 12th October
Please use the link below to access our updated revision guide catalogue https://clfacademies-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/rebecca_tushingham_clf_uk/EVrmxkzdQdlIhZ-IXin1uEMBM8fwx9kKXS2EjZgIJgWNQA?e=q7uFPh   How to use this catalogue This catalogue has been produced so that both students and parents/carers have all the information on revision books in one place. This is designed to make the purchasing

Intervention Update

Friday 7th October
By popular demand English, Science and Math’s intervention now takes place on separate evenings. Attendance to sessions has been good this week – please encourage your child to make the most of the subject specific support that is on offer.  

Term 1: Habits, Hardwork and Planning

Monday 3rd October
following on from last weeks Steps to Success evening event, please take the time to familiarise yourself with the support on offer for year 11 students during term 1 and 2. Making a strong start to the year by establishing study and work habits is one of the best things

English Revision Support

Monday 16th May
  Dear all, to support students in being able to access a full range of English Literature and Language revision resources the English team have compiled a library of previous lessons and resources all accessible here: Language Resources: Lang 1 Lesson Labyrinth Q3 Lang 1-mini-mocks Lang

GCSE Period Information and Guidance

Thursday 12th May
As you will all be aware exams start in full on Monday 16th May. We think that we have put together a great package of support for our students and recognise the pivotal role that you play as parents in supporting your child through their exams. With this