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The Pastoral System

The Pastoral System at Hanham Woods Academy

The Houses

The House system was established at the Academy in 2015 and is an integral part of our pastoral system.  The Houses are pivotal with supporting our students as well as encouraging engagement within the Academy and school pride.  All staff and students are assigned to one of our four houses and each year they compete to win the Hanham Woods house trophy.

The names of the houses are taken from the local woods along the River Avon as it flows past Hanham; further imbedding the Academy into the heart of our local community.

Conham (red), Bickley (green), Hencliff (Yellow) and Cleeve (blue).

The Pastoral team work within the Houses supporting both the students and their families to offer support and guidance as necessary.

Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment for all students to equip them to make informed decisions about issues which affect their lives and provide opportunities for students to develop self-awareness, self-discipline and self-esteem.

The Pastoral SystemHead of Pastoral
Senior Head of House
Jane Thurston
[email protected]
The Pastoral SystemPastoral Lead
Head of House for Conham and Hencliff
Mrs Caitlin Smith
[email protected]
The Pastoral SystemPastoral Lead
Head of House for Cleeve and Bickley
Carly Wilshire
[email protected]
The Pastoral SystemStudent Services

Charlotte Spear
[email protected]

Student Achievement at Hanham Woods Academy
Dream BIG. Work Hard. Achieve More!

At Hanham Woods Academy we celebrate the successes of all of our students who strive to achieve their best in all aspects of the life in the Academy.  The House and our student achievements give our students the opportunity to be rewarded for efforts and achievement in all areas. Students regularly earn house points and WOW cards for excellent work, attendance at the Academy and positive contributions to the Academy.  The aim of this is to encourage all students to become involved in many inter- house competitions and extra-curricular activities.

Competition between the houses for House points and other competitions is always close and exciting.

There are termly House & Tutor Group competitions for the Achievement House Cup.  There will also be rewards activities during the academic year.  Student Achievement will be celebrated in the termly House Celebration assemblies

House Points are awarded for the following:

Positive Contribution = 5 points

Excellence in lesson = 5 points

100% Weekly attendance = 5 points

WOW cards are awarded for the following:

Pride & Progress = 10 points

Two given out each lesson for showing exceptional Pride & Progress in their work.

Attendance WOW cards = 10 points

Awarded by the attendance team for attendance improvement.

SLT WOW Cards = 15 points

Awarded by a member of SLT during learning walks in classrooms.

Termly Awards:

Positive Contribution Award = 50 points

Given to students who have done something exceptional in representing the Academy

Principals Award = 100 points


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