Key Contacts

Mr Ralph Hersey – [email protected] Subject Leader for ICT 

Mr Stephen O’Callaghan – [email protected] Teacher of ICT and Academy Principal

Curriculum Information

At Hanham Woods Academy, the ICT department are striving for every pupil to pass their GCSE and with the highest grade possible.

ICT and Computing is hugely important in today’s society and with a firm grasp and understanding of the subject, many doors are open to you.

The subject equips pupils with the ability to become experts at creating programmes (Computing) and at using software and applications (ICT).  Pupils will develop confidence in using a range of software, understanding how computers work and computational thinking, problem solving skills. These skills are all essential within the workplace and in society.

Teaching arrangements

KS3 – 1 x 50 minute lesson each week

KS4 – 3 x 50 minute lessons each week

ICT Facilities

At Hanham Woods Academy we are lucky to have 3 dedicated computer suites that can seat full classes of pupils and a further rooms throughout the school for specific uses such as Art, Media Studies, SEN and Literacy.

Each suite is fully fitted with modern computers currently running Windows 10 and the latest version of Office .  We also have a wide range of educational and teaching and learning software for the pupils and staff to use.

Every classroom in the school is fitted with a modern IT equipment helping staff to deliver dynamic and engaging lessons.

As part of the ICT facilities, all pupils are given personal email addresses and encouraged to interact directly with their teachers over matters such as homework, coursework or after school activities.  They are also given ample personal storage space on the network to make sure their work is safe and secure.

Computer Science Curriculum Map