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Attendance at Hanham Woods Academy

Excellent attendance is key to a students’ success in the academy and so at Hanham Woods Academy we actively promote and celebrate good attendance every day.  Attendance is monitored when a student’s attendance falls below 96%.

If students are to achieve their full potential, excellent attendance and punctuality are critical. The link between attendance and achievement is well documented

At Hanham Woods Academy we want all of our students to achieve the very best examination results that they can and poor attendance and broken weeks are likely to have a significant impact on your son/daughters achievement.

Students with irregular attendance …….

  • Lose momentum with their lesson work and have chunks of missed learning
  • Lose the thread of the topics being taught.
  • Become demotivated and anxious about returning to the academy
  • Miss out on important guidance and pastoral support
  • Is less likely to feel part of the academy family.

Illness – My Child is unwell

Are you unsure if your child is well enough for school?  Follow our Attendance Flow chart for your next steps

Should my child attend the Academy today? See our guidance form for minor illnesses and sickness

Public Health England Guidance on infection prevention and control in schools and childcare settings

  • When reporting your child absent please contact the [email protected] email or leave a telephone message on the Academy phone choosing option 2.  If messages are sent via the reception email or via the reception message service this may result in truancy or wellbeing calls being received before these messages are delivered to the attendance team.
  •  If your child is unwell for more than one day you will need to call on each morning of the absence.

If the Academy has not heard from the parents about the absence, we will contact you to find out the reason for the absence via our automated truancy text service

You will also receive a text if your child is unwell wishing them well – if your child is not at home unwell please call the academy immediately.  This is a safeguarding procedure

On the students return to the Academy following an absence, the parent must write a short note which states the reason for the absence.  All hospital and dental cards or letters must also be provided in order for the absence to authorised.

The Academy will report any unauthorised or continued absence to the attendance team who will then contact the parents to discuss the reasons for the absence. Legal action and fixed penalty notices (fines) are issued to parents for students who do not attend regularly.

  • What does School Attendance Monitoring mean

Should my child attend the Academy today? See our Guidance leaflet for minor illnesses and sickness

CLF COVID-19 Attendance Position Statement – September 2020

Attendance Policv

Attendance Letter Sept 2022

Attendance Matters Leaflet 2022-2023



Punctuality to the academy is extremely important and we ask that you ensure that your child leaves home for school early enough to ensure that they arrive on time.

  • Your child must arrive at school on time. If they are late, sanctions will be applied and your son/daughter will lose social time during the Academy day.
  • Late arrivals after the registers have closed (9.30am) will be recorded an unauthorised absence and Unauthorised absences may result in a penalty notice of £60 per parent, per child.
  • Parents will be notified of any late arrivals by a text message from our automated truancy system.

Medical Appointments

If you do need to make a medical appointment for your child please try and arrange for before or after school.

Holidays / Term Time Leave

As per current regulations and DfE advice on school attendance (2013) we would like to advise you that the Principal will not grant any Leave of Absence in term time unless exceptional circumstances exist.  By exceptional we mean rare, significant, unavoidable and short.  By unavoidable, we mean an event that could not reasonably be arranged another time.

Please click here to download a Leave of Absence Request Form