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Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Key Contacts

Mrs T Wolyn – [email protected] Teacher of Social Science

Mr N Tucker – Teacher of PSHE, Sociology and Psychology

Curriculum Information

PSHE represents Personal Social and Health Education.

We have a range of compulsory topics such as; How to recognise, understand and build healthy relationships, How relationships may affect health and wellbeing, including mental health, safety online. It also covers factual knowledge at secondary school, around sex, sexual health and sexuality, Healthy bodies and lifestyles, including keeping safe, puberty, drugs and alcohol education.

It also helps students to prepare for the workplace and making a positive contribution to society.

As well as this we have the flexibility to incorporate learning specific to the students of Hanham Woods Academy.

PSHE is not an assessed subject but it is a vital one equipping our students with life skills and dealing with real life issues to ensure their education is holistic and meets both their pastoral and academic needs.

Every year group will have one timetabled lesson per week. The code on timetables will be PS.

What students at Hanham Woods are saying about PSHE:

“It is my favourite lesson”

“I wish we had more than one lesson a week”

“We should learn more about this “stuff” it is so important”

We have a strong team of staff delivering PSHE across all 5 year groups, with staff bringing their expertise from a variety of subject areas.