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Communication Strategy

We define communication as the process whereby meaning is assigned, conveyed and interpreted in an attempt to create a shared understanding. It may be visual, non-verbal, oral or written.  Good communications should be:

  • interactive, all parties having opportunities and clear mechanisms for communication with one another;
  • timely;
  • responsive to all stakeholders’ needs;
  • personal or impersonal, as appropriate;
  • correctly targeted at mass or small audiences, or individuals.

All parents/carers have knowledge, skills and resources that support their children’s learning in the Academy and parent/carers have a strong complementary role to play in their children’s learning and behaviours.

Parent/Carer participation is very important to student achievement and success.  Effective partnerships between schools and families foster student learning and contribute to the general climate and development of schools.  Comprehensive parent/carer participation is valued and encouraged at all levels of the system.