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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Key Contacts

Miss Céline Buliard – [email protected] – Subject Leader for Modern Foreign Languages
Miss Aurélia Mouries – Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

At Hanham Woods Academy, the MFL department are striving for every pupil to pass their GCSE with the highest grade possible.

Languages are becoming increasingly important in our society and being able to communicate in a foreign language is going to enable students to pursue a wide variety of careers.

Teaching arrangements:

Years 7 & 8:

2 x50 minute lessons each week

Years 9,10 & 11:

3 x50 minute lessons each week

Curriculum Overview

The MFL Curriculum Statement sets out the vision and intent for the curriculum in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL).

The MFL Curriculum Map sets out an overview of the curriculum in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) from Years 7 through to Year 11.  Among other things, it sets out what is studied, why it is studied, as well as the keywords needed in each year.  Students and parents are likely to find this useful.

At Hanham Woods Academy we encourage students to think like a Linguist in their Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) lessons.  The MFL Hanham Thinkers poster summarises what that means.