Key Contacts:

Mr Josh Hocking – [email protected] – Curriculum leader for Maths 

Department Teaching Staff :

Miss Victoria Williams (2nd Maths)
Mr Mark Huxley
Mrs Jingwen Ma
Mr Chris Townsend
Mr Connor Early-Pickersgill

Curriculum Information

At Hanham Woods Academy, the maths department are striving for every pupil
to pass their GCSE and with the highest grade possible.

Mathematics is hugely important in society and with a firm grasp and
understanding of the subject, many doors are open to you.

The subject equips pupils with the ability to reason logically, analyse and
to solve problems. These skills are all essential within the workplace and
in society. Mathematics is an international language and one that is
fundamental to understand the world in which we live in.

Teaching arrangements
All year groups receive 5 x 50 minute lessons each week.

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