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Enrichment Opportunities

We place Personal Development front and centre alongside academic success at Hanham Woods Academy. As a result, we endeavour to provide our students with a variety of well-coordinated student leadership opportunities (both inside and outside of the classroom) as a central strand of both Personal Development and Student Achievement.

Student Leadership opportunities are instrumental in building students’ confidence and raising their aspirations, so we coordinate our Student Leadership Program with three core aims in mind.

Three aims of the HWA Student Leadership Program: ​

  1. To provide a range of opportunities so our students can discover and develop their interests and talents.​
  2. To give students at Hanham Woods Academy not only a voice in the running of our academy, but the power to foster and implement change. ​
  3. To allow students to acquire the skills and knowledge that will set them apart as future leaders; prepared for life after HanhamWoods Academy.

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If you are a student interested in getting involved in our Student Leadership Program, please look at our Student Leadership Opportunities Prospectus for details on roles and how to get involved.

Student Leadership Opportunities Prospectus

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If you are a parent and would like to ask questions or give us feedback on our Student Leadership program, please contact Zoe James via email [email protected]


If you would like to sponsor a Student Leadership Group, have opportunities for our Student Leaders to give back to the community or would like information on how you could support our Student Leadership Program, please contact [email protected]

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